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The First Day Out Collective, or $FDOC, represents a stake in the song, "Rundown Spaz ft. Kanye West - First Day Out (Freestyle) Pt. 2," as well as future remixes, including "Rundown Spaz ft. NBA Youngboy and Rundown Choppaboy - First Day Out (Freestyle) [YoungBoy Edition]," and "Rundown Spaz ft. DaBaby - First Day Out (Freestyle) Pt. 3" and a voice in the ownership direction and future business.

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Cap Table on Songs

Experience transparency like never before with a tokenized song, offering clarity in ownership and potential dividends.

Fans Participation

More than just listeners, $FDOC holders are stakeholders. You're not just vibing to the beat; you're part of its success story.

Innovative Approach

This model is a beacon for artists seeking new avenues to manage and monetize their craft.

Marketing Budget

Funds from the token sale are earmarked for strategic marketing, ensuring the song's resonance across audiences.

Extended Utility

$FDOC holders can anticipate exclusive content, a sneak peek behind the curtain, decision-making rights on remixes, discounts on concert tickets, and more.

Business Plan

Our roadmap is clear, and the journey is exhilarating.

Video Production

A captivating music video to visually represent the song's essence.

PR Campaign

A robust PR strategy to ensure the song and its unique model make headlines.

Placement Campaign

A marketing campaign to ensure reach and visibility across all streaming, live channels and playlists is maximized through constant awareness and new-region penetration campaigns.

Marketing Blitz

Comprehensive marketing campaigns across platforms to amplify reach.

Interview & Appearances Tour

Rundown Spaz will embark on a tour, giving interviews and making appearances, further boosting the song's visibility.

Concert Profit Sharing

When performed live by Rundown Spaz, a portion of the concert's profit (based on the number of songs performed) will flow into the DAO, ensuring continuous value addition for token holders. For instance, if 10 songs are performed, 1/12th of the show's earnings will be contributed to the DAO.


Exclusive merchandise, from apparel to collectibles, providing fans with tangible connections to the music and generating additional revenue streams.

Licensing Deals

Exploring opportunities for the song's inclusion in movies, commercials, video games, and other media, opening up new avenues for revenue and exposure.


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Meet the Talent

Rundown Spaz, hailing from Arkansas, stands as a prodigious talent in the hip-hop realm. At just 17, he's already carved a significant mark in the music industry. His journey, marked by challenges including a stint in jail, has shaped a musical narrative that speaks of resilience, raw talent, and the undeniable power of storytelling. His track "First Day Out Freestyle" alone has raked in nearly 15 million views, a testament to his growing influence and appeal.

Collaborating with artists like Rundown Choppaboy, Spaz has solidified his reputation as a force in the industry. Songs such as "Pain Killers," "Murda Twins," and "Trigger Happy" not only showcase his lyrical prowess but also his versatility and ability to connect deeply with listeners. Over the past six months, his consistent releases have further highlighted his unmatched work ethic and dedication to his craft. As Rundown Spaz's star continues to ascend, both the industry and fans eagerly anticipate his next move.

Kanye West, often known simply as 'Ye, is the most transformative figure in the landscape of music and fashion.

Born in Atlanta and raised in Chicago, he first garnered attention as a pioneering producer, infusing soulful samples into hip-hop. His debut, "The College Dropout," set the stage for a career marked by innovation and controversy alike. West's musical journey has seen him evolve from rapper to a genre-defying artist, with albums like "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy" and "Yeezus" showcasing his eclectic style.

Beyond music, his ventures into fashion and outspoken views have solidified his status as one of the most influential figures of the 21st century.

From the vibrant streets of Pine Bluff, Arkansas, Rundown Choppaboy emerges as a distinctive voice in the hip-hop arena. Despite being relatively new to the scene, he's already left an indelible mark in the industry with his unique blend of raw lyricism and authentic storytelling. His journey, rife with personal challenges, including overcoming adversities typical of street life, has deeply influenced his music, creating a narrative that resonates with resilience and grit.

Choppaboy's music, characterized by its vivid portrayals of life experiences, has garnered widespread acclaim. Tracks like "Rulebook" and "Remember the Rain" not only showcase his lyrical prowess but also his ability to weave complex emotions into his music. His collaboration with artists like Rundown Spaz, particularly in songs like "Murda Twins," highlights his versatility and deep connection with the audience.

As he carves his path in the industry, Rundown Choppaboy is not just a name to watch out for; he's a powerful narrative force, shaping the future of hip-hop with each verse and beat.

NBA YoungBoy, hailing from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, stands as a towering figure in the modern rap landscape. Bursting onto the scene as a teenager, he quickly gained recognition for his deeply personal and raw lyrical content, reflecting his turbulent upbringing and life experiences. His distinctive style blends emotional honesty with hard-hitting beats, capturing the complexities of street life and personal struggle.

YoungBoy's early life was marked by significant challenges, including run-ins with the law and a difficult family situation, which heavily influenced his music. His breakout hits, such as "Outside Today" and "No Smoke," showcase his ability to channel these experiences into compelling storytelling, resonating with a wide audience.

Despite facing legal issues and personal setbacks, NBA YoungBoy has remained prolific in his music output, consistently releasing mixtapes and albums that top charts and earn critical acclaim. His collaboration with other artists in the industry has further solidified his reputation as a versatile and resilient artist.

As NBA YoungBoy continues to navigate his complex personal and professional journey, his music remains a beacon for many young fans who see their own struggles reflected in his words. With each release, he cements his status as a vital voice in contemporary rap, unafraid to confront the realities of his world.

DaBaby, originally from Charlotte, North Carolina, has rapidly risen to prominence in the hip-hop world. Known for his distinctive flow, sharp lyrics, and energetic persona, DaBaby has become a standout figure in the industry. His journey in music, characterized by determination and an innovative approach, has seen him transform from a regional artist to a national sensation.

His career took off with the release of hit singles like "Suge" and albums like "Baby on Baby" and "Kirk," which showcased not only his unique rapping style but also his ability to create catchy, vibrant tracks that resonate with a broad audience. DaBaby's music often blends humor with incisive social commentary, making him a versatile and engaging artist.

Beyond his musical talents, DaBaby is known for his dynamic live performances and charismatic public persona. Despite facing controversies and personal challenges, he has maintained a strong presence in the music scene, continuously evolving his style and pushing the boundaries of the genre.

DaBaby's impact extends beyond chart success; he's a cultural icon known for his fashion sense, memorable music videos, and social media presence. As he continues to navigate the heights of fame, DaBaby remains a pivotal figure in modern hip-hop, constantly redefining the sound and image of the genre.


In the vast panorama of contemporary music, "First Day Out (Freestyle) Pt. 2" and "First Day Out (Freestyle) [Youngboy Edition]" stand as magnum opera, reminiscent of groundbreaking shifts in art like Picasso's ventures into Cubism. This track, a symphonic collaboration between Rundown Spaz, the iconic Kanye West, the infamous NBA Youngboy, the amazing DaBaby, and the young rising star Rundown Choppaboy transcends the boundaries of a mere song; it's a sonic canvas echoing the spirit of our times.

Venturing boldly into the heart of drill, a genre known for its raw intensity and candid narratives, Kanye West introduces a depth previously uncharted. His verses, rich with introspection and artistry, meld seamlessly with Rundown Spaz's compelling lyricism, crafting a soundscape that is both poignant and transformative. Further, NBA Youngboy's raw lyricism coupled with Choppaboy's smooth wisdom top First Day Out to make it all a masterpiece. Finally, DaBaby tops it off with sheer lyrical beauty.

At its core, the track is a confluence of two distinct realms - the unbridled energy of drill and the vast, intricate tapestry of Kanye's musical legacy. It's a daring declaration, a challenge to musical norms. Every beat, every bar, and every refrain beckons listeners to not merely hear, but to feel, to ponder, and to dive deep into this audacious auditory journey.

With "First Day Out (Freestyle) Pt. 2," "First Day Out (Freestyle) [YoungBoy Edition]" and "First Day Out (Freestyle) Pt. 3", we're not merely offered songs; we step into an arena where musical genres are reimagined, and the future of sound is sculpted with bold, unyielding vision.

Rundown Spaz - First Day Out (Freestyle) Pt. 2 ft. Kanye West

Rundown Spaz - First Day Out (Freestyle) Pt. 3 ft. DaBaby

Rundown Spaz - First Day Out (Freestyle) ft. NBA YoungBoy and Rundown Choppaboy [YoungBoy Edition]

The Tokenomics

Token Distribution

$FDOC was designed to ensure every stakeholder, from the artists to the fans, plays a pivotal role in the song's trajectory:

  • Fundraise: 30% (Reserved for operational costs and the DAO's evolution)
  • Kanye West: 15% (Acknowledging his monumental contribution as a featured artist)
  • Rundown Spaz: 30% (The heart and soul of the track)
  • TLG: 22% (A management partner and initial funding)
  • Producer: 3% (The genius behind the beat)

Valuation Insights

  • Rundown Spaz's original track demonstrated impressive momentum in just a trimester.

  • Kanye West's touch, as historical data suggests, can supercharge the song's reach and revenue.

  • With the industry standard catalog acquisition multiple of 10x applied, based on growth and potential earnings and the Kanye factor applied, we're eyeing an initial market cap of approximately $24,072,640.
  • There is significant room for growth, as our numbers do not include the majority of revenue channels such as radio, XM, among other avenues which are mentioned in our business plan, and instead, only includes YT, Spotify and Apple revenues, as well as being based off a brand new (but fast growing) artist with a brand new song.
  • Given the minimal monetization to date and the inclusion of the talented Kanye, we believe this is a significantly under-valued market cap for a company holding this song asset which is poised for explosive growth.